Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Duffy Show

On Tuesday 30th July the whole of Panmure Bridge School saw a Duffy Show and the actors were Afi, Scruffy,Duffy and Profesor Wordsharks. First Afi played with us melemele and it means rub rub and it was a really fun game then we had finished and the show started. I really liked the bit when Afi was crying a she went to hug Miss Emma it was really funny.

On Tuesday the whole school went to the hall to see the Duffy show. The characters in the show were Duffy, Scruffy and Afi. The show was about Duffy loosing his words. The main thing they tried to teach us was to encourage us to read lots and lots of books.  The first thing that happened was when Scruffy wanted  Duffy to read a book and Duffy was just about to loose his words otherwise he wouldn't  be able to read a book to his brother Scruffy.  They went back to see the guy who stole his words and tried to guess the crossword to get his words back. The part I most enjoyed about the show was when they made funny rhymes. The part I didn't enjoy was when Duffy lost his words. I had fun watching the show.

Friday, 5 July 2013

My Idea Classroom

This is my future classroom I put a Swimming Pool in my future classroom because I think Students can learn how to swim, I also put an art area beside our classroom because I think if we have an art area in our classroom it might make a massive mess, I put an Quiet Reading Room because I think Students can actually read quietly, I also put an Music room so we can practice our music Instruments like Ukelele,Guitar,Piano,and even Drums if you would like to play

Thursday, 4 July 2013

This Is My Venn Diagram about Future and Present Education

I have learnt that in the future they use coffee tables and that the students can do their work where ever they want because it feels comfortable.
online flow chart
By Deziree