Monday, 20 October 2014


One sunny day my friend and I were playing at school and a girl named Shaylah goes and backstabs Lola and I! Me and Lola start getting angry! As soon as Kelly had came back she started to act all nice to us. Angari had told Lola what Kelly had said “Kelly said she hates you’s!” We both asked why is she backstabbing us for “She said she didn’t say anything” and you don’t know who to beleive.


When we had gone up to Kelly she started acting all nice to us! So we had told her “that we had already known because Angari told us what you were saying about us, Why were you talking about us like that? We thought that we we were your friends because now something has gone wrong with this friendship!” Said Charlie!

The next day Lola started backstabbing Kelly and I so Kelly and I went to go and walk around the park so we had asked Lola why she is starting to backstab us for and she had see “Because Kelly started to just backstab you and me yesterday so I am going to backstab her today!

Shaylah, Jhardae and I had gone to the beach and we all started talking things out of yesterday because we all wanted to start being friends again!

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Anonymous said...

Great story Deziree, a little confusing to follow, but most girl dramas are very confusing. Well done, I like that you guys all made up and decided to become friends again at the end. Well done keep up the great work.

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