Friday, 27 September 2013

Term 3 Reflection

Term 3 Reflection

This term I have enjoyed the most was going for Swimming .

I enjoyed this activity the most because I had lost of fun with Mrs Emma after our turn in the pool.

Something new I have learnt this term is using google maps with Miss Paton.

I am really proud of coming to our evening performance for our production.

Next term I need to work on is completing my work on time.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Evening Performance Night 1.

Evening Performance Night 1.

* I am pleased with my performance because I remembered to keep in time with the music.

* I am pleased that we didn’t make that much noise when going onto stage.

* I think we still need to work on not making any noise backstage.

* The actors need to stop laughing and the dancers need to show bigger actions.

*Tonight I will be in my best behavior and I will complete the worksheets and show good manners.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Our Rugby Field Day


On Wednesday 4th September most of the  Panmure Bridge students from the seniors went to Pt England for a Rugby day. Our Coaches Miss Paton,Mrs Kelly and also Mrs Prassad took us to the Rugby Field Day, It was so much Fun. On our first game against Pt England,When Fine scored a tri 
Mrs Prassad yelled out "GO FINE" and after Fine scored the tri I had to swopped over with Yvette.
I nearly scored a tri but I dived into the tri line. After our First game we went to cheer  off the boys team. Our rugby boys lost bye 5-1.
During the boys game we had our other game against Bailey Road we lost because our team kept on doing contacts.
That was the ripper girls last game!
But it wasn't the last game for the boys they still had 3 more games left.Then the boys