Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Birthdays Celebrated In Room 5

October is the most celebrated birthdays in Room 5 April,July,August, June and September are all the same amount of birthdays celebrated in Room 5 November has the least birthdays celebrated in Room 5 January,February,March,May and December have all the same amount of birthdays celebrated in Room 5

Friday, 16 March 2012

My Incredible time at Eastern Beach

On Monday 27th February the whole school went to Eastern Beach. I was in the first bus by Isabella and we were talking.  We got there and was  told to sit on the grass, but the grass was wet. Mr Johnston was talking about the safety drills. We were eating and waiting for the other three buses. The buses arrived at Eastern Beach and we had to stop eating. Then it was Room 1’s turn to swim with life jackets. They got out and had morning tea. Room 2 had a swim with the life jackets. Room 1 wasn’t allowed to swim with no life jackets. After Room 2, Room 4 swam with life jackets. Savannah brought a Bop it toy. We played with it. Myself, Savannah, Kyra, Yvette and Creedence were playing Bop it. It was Room 7’s time to swim with the life jackets. We had to swim after Room 7 because we allowed to give Room 6 a longer turn. It  was a fabulous  time. We got to swim, it was fun and exciting. We had to have a swim with the life jackets. We got to have a quick snack then we had another swim. My friend Jharda’e was chasing me to Mrs Bruce. She won because she was cheating. We were pulling each others arm. She was in front of me but I called it a tie.  The seaweed looked like sticks but it wasn’t. It was dried out on the beach side. Me and Jharda’e were giggling because she got the water in her mouth. After our turn Room 6 had to swim. We were having a great time swimming. We had to hop out and have lunch. I had  corn chips, cookies, nuggets and water . We were allowed another swim after our lunch . I like swimming. We only were allowed to have 30 minutes left to swim. We had to leave Eastern Beach at 2:15pm. I  fell asleep on the bus. When we arrived back at school we were allowed a quick drink before we went home!!!!