Friday, 27 March 2015

Term 1 Highlights_Deziree

Term 1 Highlights

What do you enjoy most about term 1 and why?
The one thing I like about term 1 is that we go to Technology at Tamaki College and we do food tech!

What did you learn in term 1 and why? 
This term I have learnt how to put Onomatopeia in my writing!
Onomatopeia means using a sound word!

What did you find tricky in term 1 and why? 
I found it hard to wake up early on a Friday morning for tech! 
Because I usually wake up at 8:00am on the other mornings!

What was your favourite subject in term 1 and and why?
My favourite subject in Term 1 is Maths because last year I didn't really like maths and now I do because my teacher this year pushes me!

What would you like to improve on for term 2?
I would like to improve on my listening skills because I am really bad at listening this term!

What have you enjoyed most about tech this term and why?
I really like how we do food tech this term and next term we don't have food tech we something different!

Spelling Test_Deziree

One of the new words I learnt today was Essential!
Today I got more right then Last Week!
The most easiest word I found easy was Mississippi.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spelling List

This is my Results from my Spelling test I done today. 
I only got four words wrong in my test. The words I got wrong was exercised, Surprising, Abbreviated and Dignified. I think I only got these words wrong because I couldn't really hear the words because the rest of my table had their noise up so loud. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Cultural Identity Google Map

This map shows the cultures and countries where we are from in R6.
Most of the students in R6 are New Zealand but their parents and families are from Overseas countries.
We used Google to Plot in the Countries. I learnt how to insert Images and Video's onto the map!