Friday, 27 March 2015

Term 1 Highlights_Deziree

Term 1 Highlights

What do you enjoy most about term 1 and why?
The one thing I like about term 1 is that we go to Technology at Tamaki College and we do food tech!

What did you learn in term 1 and why? 
This term I have learnt how to put Onomatopeia in my writing!
Onomatopeia means using a sound word!

What did you find tricky in term 1 and why? 
I found it hard to wake up early on a Friday morning for tech! 
Because I usually wake up at 8:00am on the other mornings!

What was your favourite subject in term 1 and and why?
My favourite subject in Term 1 is Maths because last year I didn't really like maths and now I do because my teacher this year pushes me!

What would you like to improve on for term 2?
I would like to improve on my listening skills because I am really bad at listening this term!

What have you enjoyed most about tech this term and why?
I really like how we do food tech this term and next term we don't have food tech we something different!

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