Thursday, 2 April 2015

Through The Doors

Through the doors!

OMG I wonder what the others are doing! I was thinking to myself. It was really hard saying goodbye to all my friends back in New Zealand. It was really scary at first when we hopped on to the plane when it was just my Mum and I. She didn’t tell me that we were going to Australia to meet my cousins that I didn’t know. Until we got to Australia she told me! My mum kept on looking for my Aunty! I thought my aunty looked exactly like her but she didn’t she looked so different! I didn’t know it was her until she called my mum and my name out!

I was feeling really scared because I didn’t really know much about my Aunty nor my cousins. I was also really feeling really nervous to meet all of my mum’s family! My mum asked me “Why are you really nervous of meeting your cousins.” I kept on telling her “Because I don't really know most of them.” She said that I “do know some of them.” But I didn’t know what she was talking about!  So I asked her “What do you mean I know most of them” “When you were younger they always used to come over and you always you always used to hug them every 5 minutes.” As we got back to the house all of them welcomed us with a big Hangi. It was Delicious! It was like I didn’t know any of them, But I did I ended up knowing most of them.

“OMG Like why did we move here for” I was actually crying a lot because I didn’t want to move here even if it was just for 1 month because I just kept on thinking about all of my friends back in New Zealand! I kept on asking my mum “Why did we move here” But I already knew why we moved here because she had already told me! “Deziree come over here and meet your cousins” said my Aunty Vera. They all Introduced themselves one at a time!

My very first cousin who introduced himself to me was as tall as a tree!

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