Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Cousins Birthday Party

My Cousins Birthday Party

On 14th July me and my Family went to my cousins house because she was turning 13 years old. When we got to my cousins house we decorated the house purple and blue because those were her favourite colours. After decorating the house my aunties got the food ready.

The food smelt really nice I smelt some hot dogs. The rest of my family was arriving to my cousins house with heaps and heaps of presents. Then when the birthday girl came home we finally started the Party. My auntie brang the food out and my cousin prayed for the food.

Then we ate. I grabbed some hot dogs and mashed potato roast and also some Fried Bread. After eating dinner we all had a little bit of food because we wanted to save some room for some dessert. First we sang the Happy Birthday Song to her.

Finally we put the cake out. The cake was very very nice. It was a chocolate cake with nice berries It was very nice because we had chocolate and strawberry ice cream on the side. After eating the dessert my cousin opened up her PRESENTS! The Party was awesome I felt really Glad and Happy that I went to my Cousins Birthday!

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