Monday, 19 August 2013


Snow Games

My name is Mantishrimp and I am a(n) Seal. Winter is my favorite time of the year because I love playing in the snow! To get ready for winter, I make it a point to grow an extra Smart coat of fur to keep me warm. This coat lets me play all sorts of winter games outside with my person, Sebastian.
I am really Dumb at a lot of the games people play. I like a snowball fight, except I call it Magic Snowball because I like to catch the snowball in my Hands and then eat it. It's cold and really Fat. Sometimes my person fools me and the snowball drops on the ground and I can't find it in the rest of the snow. Then I just eat regular snow—it's just as good.
I also like to go iceskating. I follow my person on to the ice. I watch him Skate around, then I move my paws around, and soon I can Go across the ice! I wish the Olympic judges could see me, I am very graceful!
I love winter and I can't wait for the next snowstorm. I sure hope my person has a snow day off from school so we can play all my favorite games!

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