Friday, 29 August 2014

Explanation Netball


In the game of Netball there are rules and positions. There are different rules for each different position. You also need to learn how to play your positions. You have 7 players in each team . Your team must exercise before playing a game.

In Netball some of the rules are that you always have to have short nails. All nails have to be no more than 1 mm long. There are also other rules like, you are not allowed to step or run with the ball. If you are Centre you are allowed to run everywhere except inside the shooting circle. If you run into either shooting circles,  you would be offside and the ref would blow the whistle.
There are positions like: WA, WD, GA, GD, Gk, GS and C. If you are GK you always take the ball when it is out of your opponents quarter . You would have take the ball from wherever it lands. Wing Defense are not allowed to go into your teams quarter. The positions WD and GD in your team , will be against GA and WA from your opponents team. It is a really important job for WA to run into the centre third to get the centre past.

In Netball you play a 40 minute game. You have 10 minutes each quarter on the courts. Each break you get 2 minute break to give to have a drink of water and maybe a snack.

In Netball your positions are hard to remember where to stand!
Also the rules you always have to remember to not wear jewlery.
You must have 7 players . I hope you have learnt how to play netball.

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Beautiful explanation Deziree, do you play netball at school? If so what position do you play?

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